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Mission Statement

National PSR Mission Statement

Guided by the values and expertise of medicine and public health, Physicians for Social Responsibility works to protect human life from the gravest threats to health and survival.


Yale School of Medicine Student Chapter Mission Statement

The PSR Yale School of Medicine Student Chapter aims to promote human health in Connecticut and the New Haven community by addressing pollution and climate change through education, service and advocacy.  

Student Leaders

Amber Acquaye


MD Student


Amber is passionate about the intersection between environmental justice, climate change, and existing health disparities. She’s interested in how strategies of human-centered design and systems thinking can be leveraged to foster community resilience and patient empowerment as it relates to climate change’s impacts on the health of vulnerable groups.


Annika Belzer

Annika Belzer.jpeg

MD Student


Annika is passionate about combatting climate change, both as an individual and as a future healthcare provider. She is interested in research focused on mechanisms to decrease the carbon footprint of healthcare and academia. She is also interested in the effect of climate change on the prevalence of dermatologic disease. 

MS4SF Liaison

Grace Wang


MD Student

Grace is interested in exploring how One Health can inform work being done at the intersection between climate change mitigation and health equity, and passionate about finding ways to integrate advancements in these areas into medical education.

Climate Curriculum Chair

Sadie Meller

Sadie Headshot.jpg

MD-PhD Student

CCHI Student Associate Alumni


Sadie is interested in how environmental hazards impact brain development and is studying how immune cell activation alters neuronal migration. She hopes to advocate for children and help communicate their vulnerability to the health effects of climate change in her future career.

Materials Development

Rachel Hennein


MD-PhD Student

CCHI Student Associate Alumni

Rachel is passionate about climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies that decrease the impact of climate change on human health. She is also interested in using implementation science methods to design and roll out community-based interventions that decrease health disparities exacerbated by climate change.

Research Chair

Will Hancock-Cerutti


MD-PhD Student

CCHI Student Associate Alumni

Alumni Advisor

Join Our Team!

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Sherman is an internationally recognized speaker and author in the emerging field of sustainability in anesthesia. Her research interest is in life cycle assessment (LCA) of anesthetic practice, quantifying energy, greenhouse gas emissions, human health impacts, and economic densities of anesthetic drugs, OR devices, and perioperative behaviors to help guide clinical decision making toward more ecologically sustainable practices. Dr. Sherman collaborates with environmental engineers, epidemiologists and health economists towards this goal, and also serves on the Environmental Task Force of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.


Dr. Sherman is the recipient of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation award for her work, "Environmental and public health impacts of anesthesia alternatives."

Jodi Sherman, MD
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology;
Environmental Compliance Officer;
Affiliated Faculty, Climate Change and Health Initiative, School of Public Health
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