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Objective 1: Disaster Preparedness

Goal: To improve the disaster preparedness of health professionals and citizens of New Haven

Long-term: Host workshops with community members in New Haven for individual and family preparedness in natural disasters

Short-term: Host disaster preparedness panel for general public during sustainability week 

A Fairfield police vehicle drives down flooded streets in Fairfield 

(Credit: "Pictures: The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy" / MICHAEL McANDREWS, Hartford Courant)

Objective 2: Education

Goal: To learn about the health effects of climate change as developing healthcare professionals

Long-term: Develop Planetary Health lecture mini series for medical students 

Short-term: Host lectures for medical students on the intersection of climate change and health

Objective 3: Advocacy

Goal: To develop skills for environmental and health advocacy as healthcare professionals

Long-term: Promote sustainability in the New Haven healthcare community

Short-term: Train healthcare professionals to be effective advocates through op-ed writing

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