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Current Projects


Climate Curriculum

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We are working to implement the "infusion" model of climate curriculum reform, by incorporating slides on climate change and the impact on human health into the pre-existing preclinical medical curriculum.


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In an effort to provide a platform on which to build a commitment to sustained political activism, we organize advocacy workshops for medical students and individuals from the wider New Haven community.


Previous speakers featured:

- Sam Daley-Harris, activist, author of Reclaiming our Democracy, and founder of Civic Courage

- Eric Fine of the Yale Program for Climate Change Communication (YPCCC), a national authority on communication strategies and public engagement around climate change.

Journal Club

Planetary Healthcare Journal Club Logo-01.png

We are co-hosting a Planetary Healthcare journal club in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in Oxford, the University of Toronto’s Centre for Sustainable Health Systems, and the Yale Program on Healthcare Environmental Sustainability. We hope to foster solutions-focused discussions on the climate crisis, health effects of climate change and sustainable healthcare.

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